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Chronicles of Amber fan fiction, art, icons, and discussion.
Perhaps you've been wandering the internet, saying to yourself, "The Chronicles of Amber is such a fantastic series, set in such a broad and well-developed universe, and full of such rich and exciting personalities. It has a huge fan base, and plenty of potential for action, humor, romance, and angst. So where is all the fan fiction?"

amberfic is, as you may have guessed, a LiveJournal community for fiction about The Chronicles of Amber. It was created in the hope of bringing together Amber fans who want to see fanfic about the series – not campaign logs, not original-character-fics from RPGs, but genuine Amber stories about Zelazny’s wonderful characters.

And since amberfic is, as far as I know, almost the only non-RPG Amber community around, we’ll accept other types of posts as well, from fan art to icons to discussions about the novels. As long as your posts focus on the Amber Chronicles or their characters, you’re welcome here. Crossovers, drabbles, poems, essays, questions – come on in! Introduce yourself! Post away!

Now, a couple of quick rules.

Please put all stories longer than 100 words and all images larger than 100x100 pixels behind an LJ cut. Use the following form, or one similar in format, to post your stories and art:

Author: (Your pen name or LJ user name. You may not post works by authors other than yourself, but you may post a link to the work of another author elsewhere on the web.)
Summary/Description: (Tell us briefly what the story or image is about. Include warnings, author's notes, characters, pairings, etc., as applicable.)
Rating: (General - all ages; Mature - teens and adults; Adult - adults only)

Also, because this community is designed to provide fiction about the Amber characters, and because there are plenty of other places on the web for Amber role playing, this community does not accept stories in which the central character is an OC. Original characters are, of course, welcome in minor and supporting roles – but please make sure that your main character/characters all belong to Zelazny. They're what brought us all here, after all!

That's about it for the rules. Of course, we don't allow flames, trolls, or totally off-topic posts. Just use your best discretion.

Now -- start writing! :)

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